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Rob circulated the updated homepage designs to the group of residents who took part in the original user research to get their views on the changes made in response to their initial comments. Changes included providing quicker access to the top three tasks in each service area.Feedback was positive and it feels like we almost have final beta design.

Michael has updated the new Fly-tipping process to take into account the initial closed alpha feedback that was received and also completed the final two stages in the process to allow the whole thing to be tested end to end. He's now working on the finishing touches, including the email templates and how to attach information to the pins in maps to display the status of previous of current reports.

Content & Dev

Following the suspension of bin collections due to the heat in the previous week, issues were made worse by a number of truck breakdowns which caused an influx of contact around missed bins. Steven again worked with the Communications and Waste teams to schedule and send a range of messages using GOV Notify. Feedback continues to be positive from those residents subscribed to the text messaging service, however the issues over the week have highlighted shortfalls in our missed bin reporting process which I feel we will need to address.

The biggest issue that residents were complaining about was that once they reported their bin missed, nothing happened. Their bin wasn't collected (because there were ongoing issues with collections) and they didn't receive any update to explain what was happening (because our process is not designed in that way)

Rob also met with the Planning team to discuss their content and replacing the high use PDF's with HTML content as part of our ongoing work to meet the new accessibility legislation.

Ethan spent some time fixing issues with the integration between our complaints submission form and the back end system

Service Design

Ethan and Steven did the final prep for a session being run next Tuesday with Waste, Finance and GIS to look at the optimal process for our garden bin service. Ethan produced a number of process maps based on current processes which identify pain points and will be reviewed at the beginning of the session.

New Ways of Working

Lisa has continued to support the implementation of the new MFD's and print software with implementation just around the corner, the current focus has been on testing and training.

Gary is the Transformation and Digital Services Manager at Maidstone Borough Council. If you have any questions you can contact

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