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Framework Service Design Toolkit

1 - Discover

In the Discover phase we begin to identify the problem, opportunity or need to be addressed as well as define some of the boundaries of the solution space.


  • Identify the problem, opportunity or needs to be addressed
  • Define the solution space
  • Build a rich knowledge with inspiration and insights.

The discover phase is not:

Reinforcing existing ideas

The goal is to learn about users and the challenges they face, not to gather evidence to support a predefined solution.

Focused on solutions

Avoid making assumptions or thinking about solutions before the research is complete. Solutions come later in the process

Operating within an established scope

Be flexible. User research is an unpredictable process. it often leads to unexpected insights. Use research even if it doesn’t align with expected findings, to show how far a problem might extend.

What happens:

  • Identify who are the services users and the best ways to engage with them
  • Gather any research that has already been done that can be used
  • Engage with users, understand their needs and how they interact with the authority
  • Understand how the service currently operates and how is it performing
  • Understand where the service is within the organisational priorities and what does the authority want from it
  • Who else is affected by changes to the service

Tools and Techniques:

At the end of this stage of the review process you should have gathered enough data to understand the current service(s) from both an inside out and an outside in perspective.

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