What we are doing to improve the Digital Services in Maidstone

TADS Get Human-Centered

Hear about our recent training and what we learnt

Keeping residents updated about their bin collections

Sending Texts about bin collections

TADS Weeknote #3

Weeknotes #3 29 July - 2 August

Toolkits and Guidance

Guidance on how we design and create services

Agile Digital Development Framework

Find out how we manage our projects from beginning to end using agile methodology.

Service Design Toolkit

Find out how we use Service Design to create user centred services

User Research Toolkit

Find out how to conduct user research to design better services

Commissioning Toolkit

Find out how we use Commissioning Thinking to create user designed services

Design and Style Guide

How we design and develop our front line services

About the design system

Short Description


Timescales and Strategy documents to show when we plan on delivering our goals.

Digital Strategy

The councils digital strategy for 2018 to 2021

Public Roadmap

Our public roadmap shows the Transformation and Digital projects the council is currently working on and what we expect to do in the future

Performance Dashboard

Data and Service performance measurements on how we are doing

Completion Rates

The Percentage of people who successfully complete an online service

Website Data

Data on traffic, performance and user satisfaction

Failure Demand

Information on the volume of preventable or avoidable contact

Digital Take up

The percentage of people using our services online compared to other methods