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Updates from the Transformation & Digital Services Team on progress delivering the Councils Digital Strategy, learning new ways of working and embedding a culture of Human Centred Service Design
TADS Get Human-Centered

TADS Get Human-Centered

Hear about our recent training and what we learnt

Keeping residents updated about their bin collections

Keeping residents updated about their bin collections

Sending Texts about bin collections

TADS Weeknote #2

TADS Weeknote #2

Weeknotes #2 22-26 July

Design System

How we design and develop our front line services

Toolkits and Playbooks

Guidance on how we design and create services

Performance Dashboard

Performance data for digital services on MAIDSTONE.GOV.UK

About Us

Information about the Transformation and Digital Services team and the work we do, including our Digital Strategy, current projects, public roadmap and register of services