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4 - Analysing the research

  • Pulling out observations: ask anyone involved in the user research to help analyse it. You can even include other team members who weren't involved, but they would need access to the research notes or recordings. Get each person to review their notes and write any relevant or interesting observations. You should ensure there is only one idea per sticky note/sheet or whatever you're using.
  • Sort observations: get the group to sort the observations into themes like common topics, stages in the journey or types of user.
  • Decide the key finding: for each group of observations you should agree what key insight they are telling you and write this down as a heading to the group.

User Stories

Once you have clear findings from your user research you should turn these into user stories. Make sure in your user story as well as including, who the user is, what their need is, and why, you also include acceptance criteria as a way to check back that you are meeting the user need. If you are unable to turn your key findings into user stories it may be because you need more information. You should instead turn them into actions like 'ask this question in the next user research session'.

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