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Digital Strategy Progress

The following is a high level list of actions or projects that link with the delivery of the digital strategy and their current status.

In Progress
Ongoing Redesign of Council website    Complete
Implement a digital customer services platform    In progress.
Introduce systems, integrated with the digital customer service platform to facilitate electronic methods of communication  
     - Email subscriptions for Council news   In progress. Subscription system created.
     - Digital notifications for updates to Council services    In progress and ongoing
     - Online consultations, surveys and engagement   
Create and maintain Digital Inclusion plans addressing the key barriers to take-up    In progress. Meetings with partners to agree action plan
Develop a set of digital KPI’s to measure service performance against digital strategy objectives    Digital Take up indicator to be used for all service areas. First reporting period will be Q1 2019
Refresh the procurement guidelines with a view to procuring the right digital systems    New technology procurement guidance agreed and will be added to the updated purchasing guide. Due May 2019 
Maintain and update our privacy policies and data sharing agreements to facilitate the sharing of information between departments    Complete
Explore alternatives to Connexica business intelligence system and develop a policy to maximise insight from the data we hold    Complete
Implement electronic payment software that is fully compliant with the banks’ Payment Card Initiative    Complete
Explore the use of AI, and voice activated services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home    In progress.
Digitise or otherwise deal with paper files to reduce storage requirements In progress
Explore the use of Social Sign on for the digital customer service platform    

Revenues & Benefits

Purchase and implementation of additional Capita advantage digital modules including suite of online forms and automation processes    In progress but delayed
Link online service requests and transactions to corporate digital customer service platform   Delayed due to above
Programme to increase the take up of ebilling and enotification for benefits    


Explore potential for e-newsletters to replace or compliment Local magazine.   In progress

Parking Services

Introduction of parking enforcement mobile technology as part of the new enforcement contract    Complete
Procurement of new cloud hosted parking system to replace the current Imperial system.    Complete
Design of new digital customer facing service to manage virtual parking permit system    Currently in discovery phase


Programme of work to increase the proportion of applications submitted electronically   In progress
Provision of more open data for customers    In progress 
Explore options for electronic notification of nearby planning applications   
Transfer existing processes for service requests to new Digital Customer Services Platform.    Complete

Building Control

Creation of online application process    Complete
Transfer existing processes for service requests to new Digital Customer Services Platform.    Complete


Procurement of housing register application system to replace Locata    Complete
Link new housing register system with corporate digital customer service platform    


Transfer existing payment related processes to new Digital Customer Services Platform   Complete
Explore better integration between finance and payroll systems    
Review the appropriateness of Direct debit for annual payments    

Policy & Performance

Implement improved complaints handling system    Complete. New system integrated with Pentana now in use for managing complaints
Implement an improved FOI handling system    Delayed due to issues with integration for complaints project
Make more information available online to reduce FOI requests   

Democratic Services

Roll out of Skype for Business to Councillors    In progress. Should be completed by June 2019
Reduce printing for agendas and papers for committees    
Explore alternative webcasting options including the potential to use You Tube    Complete. First webcast on new system in May 2019

Customer Services

Introduction of web chat    Delayed due to issues with contract
Trial the use of bots for simple web chat enquiries    In progress but delayed due to above

Waste & Street

Extend the use of mobile worker to parks and open space   Project no longer happening due to change of system
Improve the provision of customer report tracking to keep customers informed of progress with reports    Review of online report-it processes in progress 
Implementation of workforce tracking    
Project to enable street cleansing data to be presented publically on the councils website    
Introduce targeted outbound messages and reminders to reduce the number of missed bin reports   Complete

Commercial Waste

Introduction of customer accounts    
Review the Abavus waste module    Complete. Abavus waste module not being taken forward


Mapping of the cemetery and completion of electronic burial records to enable public searchable records    


Build a recruitment mini site    Complete
Electronic New Starter Pack    Project in progress. Currently investigating technical solution options

Environmental Health

Develop fully online service requests, integrating into Idox Uniform.    

Digital Place


Work with KCC to ensure the roll out of high speed broadband across rural communities

Actions in this section are part of the Economic Development Strategy

Work with KCC on ensuring Maidstone Businesses benefit from the extended roll out programme


Work closely with KCC to consider and implement ways to increase the speed, reliability and coverage of broadband across Maidstone, especially in rural areas


Encourage all new developments to provide the required infrastructure to enable fibre to all premises

Help identify areas where poor broadband provision is hindering the development of business to help inform the areas of focus for the extension programme to the BDUK funding  

Work with mobile phone providers to ensure that mobile phone signal remains strong and improves in areas where coverage is poor


Digital Customer


Ensure we provide support for those people who can’t use online services on their own

Digital Inclusion network created and strategy being developed.

Develop a digital inclusion strategy

Strategy being developed as above

Enable all transactions to be done online and all information to be sent to residents electronically through processes such as e-billing

Ongoing work to add additional online transactions

Develop a seamless multi-channel system that enables customers and staff to track customer transactions regardless of how they were submitted

My Maidstone customer account being launched in 19/20
Encourage more people to try digital services by providing friendly advice and assistance to customers New team within Customer Services team with responsibility for digital support

Digital by Design


Design our digital services around our customers’ needs and adopt a standardised approach to user centred digital service redesign, based on the Local Government Digital Service Standards

New Agile and Service Design processes adopted. All digital products will be assessed against the service standards from May 2019

Use an agile approach to building services following our Discover, Build, Measure & Iterate model


Ensure that we use a digital-first approach when improving or providing new services


Identify appropriate performance measures for digital services to make sure they meet our expectations


Digital Workforce


Embed the need for digital skills in to all job roles

In progress

Build the digital skills of our workforce and councillors

In progress

Include the requirement for identification of opportunities to implement digital technology as part of the service planning process


Set challenging corporate ‘channel shift’ and digital targets

Digital Take up indicators adopted for all service areas from Q1 2019. Targets will be set at a later date once service areas understand their current performance

Further explore agile working to improve services to the customer, better utilise buildings, support the staff travel plan and also enable a work / life balance for staff

Part of the new ways of working programme of work

Continue the move to paperless offices with the exploitation of functionality of existing systems through new ways of working

Ongoing work

Reduce print outputs through a move to automated responses, improved web information, introduction of customer portal and other digital methods

Ongoing work

Digital Infrastructure


Define what makes a ‘good’ system for the digital age and update our procurement strategy and commissioning process so that systems are only purchased if they meet this definition

Review whether core corporate systems, such as Outlook, should be replaced with more modern, cloud based systems that would better support mobile digital working and deliver savings Ongoing
Move from the current position of a fully managed on premise IT infrastructure service to a mix of on-site, off-site, cloud and other technologies Ongoing

Exploit digital tools to enable our staff to work flexibly and operate where required

Part of new ways or working

Ensure every digital interaction will be safe, secure and appropriate


At an early stage explore the potential of emerging digital technologies, and be open to adopting these as soon as they are seen to be beneficial and reliable. These include:

  • artificial Intelligence and robotic automation
  • automated communications including chat bots
  • voice recognition
  • evolving security features for staff and residents to access services, such as thumb, voiceprint and face recognition
  • immersive experience, including virtual, augmented and mixed reality

In progress and ongoing.

RPA projects in progress with corporate support.

Exploratory work with local company around Alexa and google home skills

Work to adopt central government tools, such as GOV.VERIFY and GOV.NOTIFY

GOV.Notify fully adopted. Currently in use for 3 processes.

Data for Digital

Develop and open data strategy and data sharing policy for data to be shared more freely between departments Open data project started early 2019/20
Enable the collation of customer data in a secure system that allows easy access to appropriate staff and departments  
Use data analytics to support prevention and early intervention Project in progress
Work with partners to explore opportunities - including sharing data and intelligence - for digital to deliver a 'one public service' approach to service delivery  
Use geographical data and demographic information to optimize delivery of all relevant services  
Make all relevant information available to staff, members and partners, wherever they are, to ensure robust decision making  
Ensure one version of the truth for property, business and citizen records with clear data ownership and management

Digital Services

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