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What is Service Design?

Service Design is about making a service meet users and customers needs. Understanding the people who will use a service helps to create solutions that work for them. Service design engages users throughout the design process so that decisions are made using evidence, not assumptions.

We use the service design process to improve existing services and as part of our commissioning process when we create new services from scratch.

When we design services we design:

  • from end-to-end: this means from when the user starts trying to achieve a goal to when they finish - including both content and transaction regardless of the department providing it
  • from front to back: this means the user-facing service, internal processes, supporting policy and organisational, financial and governance structures of the service
  • in every channel: digital, phone, post, face to face and physical elements

Service Design Model

Our Service Design Model displays a graphical process of the steps taken in this toolkit to deliver service design.

Digital Services

The Digital Service team at Maidstone Borough Council lead on the research, design and development of user centered services for residents in Maidstone

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