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4 - Develop

The Develop phase takes the initial design brief and through an iterative process of developing and testing, refines the product or service concepts until they are ready for implementation. Using design and creative techniques, the design team and partners develop the individual service components in detail and ensure they link together to form a holistic experience.

In the Develop phase working iteratively and testing with users throughout the process helps ensure a more robust service and focuses the teams’ efforts. The final product or service will incorporate this feedback and be ready for implementation.


  • Develop the initial brief into a product or service for implementation
  • Design service components in detail and as part of a holistic experience
  • Iteratively test concepts with end users.

What happens

  • Demonstrate how the process will work in the real world
  • Create prototypes that can be used to get agreement from everyone
  • Check back that you are meeting the actual user need identified in the definition phase
  • Agree the finalised measures of meeting the user need
  • Produce a clear set of actions and timescales for delivery

Tools and Techniques

This phase will only be complete when you are ready to go live and deliver the service.

Digital Services

The Digital Service team at Maidstone Borough Council lead on the research, design and development of user centered services for residents in Maidstone

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