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1. Be a carbon neutral organisation by 2030

The majority of our direct emissions come from heating and powering our buildings and running vehicles.

Only teams with an impact on heating and powering our buildings need to consider our buildings.

If you use work vehicles you should aim to optimise routes to reduce emissions and will be given training on efficient driving. Teams that use their own vehicles should have regard to the staff travel plan when it is released.

Do consider other emissions not related to buildings or vehicles but balance the time spent with the amount of emissions it relates to.

Indirect emissions are much larger than our direct emissions and come from services we procure, buildings we let, etc. When commissioning, procuring or planning a service look for relevant nationally agreed standards available on a range of topics from BSI (British Standards Industry). If a national standard is considered too onerous judge whether you can use general principles from it.

Digital Services

The Digital Service team at Maidstone Borough Council lead on the research, design and development of user centered services for residents in Maidstone

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