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3. Adapt to climate change

The Climate Change Risk and Impact Assessment provides information on the changes and assesses the risks and impacts in Kent. The changes can be summarised as we will have hotter drier summers, warmer, wetter winters, and increased storminess.

An image showing the impact of climate change on our weather

Services must ensure they can continue to provide their services in a safe way as our climate changes. This will include having business continuity plans that consider the challenges presented by heatwaves, droughts, storms and floods.

Services should consider how they can help the borough adapt to the changes in climate. Examples may include taking actions to:

  • reduce the likelihood of buildings becoming too warm in summer (and associated health risks to residents or employees)
  • reduce the likelihood and severity of flooding
  • reduce the disruption caused by storms
  • reduce the impacts of drought and shortage of water
  • identifying vulnerable people so we can signpost them, or provide help

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