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2. Be a carbon neutral borough by 2030

Each theme in the biodiversity and climate change action plan begins with an aim which give the direction of travel for the decade.


To support the shift from cars to active and mass transport and enable the transformation from fossil fuels to no tailpipe emissions.


To support the change from heating and cooling buildings using fossil fuels to low carbon technology and reducing energy needs by increasing energy efficiency.

Generating renewable energy

To take every opportunity to generate renewable energy across the Borough.

Reducing waste and energy used for processing waste

To reduce the amount of domestic waste created, increase the proportion re-used, recycled and composted to at least 60% by 2030 and reduce the carbon emitted from processing waste.

Adapting to climate change

To build resilient landscapes, communities, and services.


To use every opportunity to protect, enhance and increase biodiversity in the borough

Making our estate carbon neutral

We will reduce emissions from our estate to as close to carbon neutral as possible by 2030


To enable residents, businesses and partner organisations to make informed decisions on climate change and biodiversity and access any funding available.

Decision Making Processes and Governance

To ensure that climate change and biodiversity are part of all decisions made.

To achieve these aims we will need to consider what we do ourselves, and also ensure we take opportunities to influence organisations, businesses and residents, to act towards these aims.The actions in the plan should be carried out but other actions that help us achieve the aims should be considered too.

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