Framework Commissioning Toolkit

Understand how the service is currently performing

  • Utilise customer insight information, if you need help with this the Transformation Team can help.
  • Analyse complaints data to look for trends or key problems.
  • Are current performance measures and targets being met?
  • What does the budget information tell, is the service overspent?

Investigate what information is already available

  • What have other authorities done which is similar and you can learn from?
  • Discover relevant research available online using websites like the Local Government Association
  • Check what lessons can be learnt from across the organisation.

Understand what users want

  • Identify who your users are.
  • What’s the best way to engage with them? Our User Research Guidance can help with this

Make sure you fully understand the user need and don’t make assumptions. User input is crucial to good commissioning and service design.

Understand what the business needs are

  • Are there any statutory requirements that must be delivered?
  • How do you fit within the organisational priorities?
  • Who are your other stakeholders e.g. other service areas, internal staff, members, parish councils, businesses, voluntary groups?
  • What’s the best way to engage with them?

Investigate alternative options

  • Do you know the market? If not do some market engagement. You should speak to the Procurement Team at this stage for assistance on this.
  • Look at what assets are available that could help you achieve your outcomes. Check our building and land assets and look for voluntary organisations and support services.
  • You should also look at what other organisations and services are available, if you want additional advice on considering all our assets speak to the Transformation Team.
  • Utilise your stakeholder list to identify other potential partners.

Digital Services

The Digital Service team at Maidstone Borough Council lead on the research, design and development of user centered services for residents in Maidstone

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